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21 May 2007 @ 11:56 pm
F for Fangirl  
There are certain times when it really pays to be assertive...

...Times like when you see Korina Sanchez step out of her car and head towards exactly where you are. (Or rather, to the line of yummy desserts five inches behind you.)

Of course, there’s no other choice but to take advantage of the proximity. And then you muster all the confidence-slash-kakapalan you can get and say, “Hi Miss Korina, can we take a picture with you? We’re such big fans!!!”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Here we are last Thursday at Cupcakes by Sonja, with the future wife of the future president of the country (well, it’s just my own prediction).

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I took the second picture. Notice how blurry it is. That’s because I couldn’t control my shaking fingers. When I was interning at Star Cinema, I wasn’t as starstruck with Piolo or Claudine or Direk Lino as much as I was with Korina Sanchez.

We killed time at Cupcakes and one of the highlights of our kwentuhan is Boy Abunda’s interview with Ruffa Gutierrez recently at The Buzz.

“Did you watch The Buzz last Sunday?”
“Yeah, just how Ruffa can Ruffa get?!”
“Yeah oo nga...”
“Grabe si Anabelle Rama noh?”
“Yadda yadda yadda...”

Upon stepping out of Cupcakes by Sonja, guess who we saw? Ruffa herself, in full regalia of almost 10 bodyguards!

I was just wondering, what if she stepped in at the exact “Just how Ruffa can Ruffa get?!” part of the conversation? Baka barilin kami ng bodyguards isa-isa!

Just how Ruffa can Ruffa get pala ha? Eto’ng sayo! Pyew! Pyew! Pyew! Ratatatatatat!
--Manong Bodyguard

I wish I can dish out all the details of our Candy adventures, but I won’t, lest I’m willing to risk my “writing career.” (Writing career haha!) Abangan na lang ang August 2007 issue! :)

Here’s a big big bear-hug to Pearl, EJ, MM and Zel. Last Thursday will surely go down as one of my favorite Candy CoC moments. :)


More pictures of our Serendra adventures here.